Today the Linux Mint team has released a new version of Linux Mint. Since Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu it brings many of the nice things Ubuntu released with earlier this fall.

Looking further than Ubuntu, Linux Mint also brings its own new theme along with improvements for their own tools (MintMenu, MintInstall and more).

What makes Mint an interesting Ubuntu derivative is that they’ve done more than just change the default set of packages. They’ve actually made their own tools for improving user-friendliness. These tools are often the reason people choose Mint over Ubuntu.

The Linux Mint Team is also working on a Debian based Linux Mint called LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition). This version works to provide the best of Mint combined with the best of Debian. It is a rolling release version of Linux Mint and although they’re not compatible they have a lot of the same user-friendly Mint tools bundled.

To read more about Linux Mint 10 look here:

For more info on LMDE check out this older blog post of theirs: